A Little Bit of Magic in London's East End

by Glenn 18th November 2019

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Here I am in the famous 18th century Fournier Street, Spitalfields,  just round the corner from Brick Lane. It's probably London's most preserved street, after the rest of the East End was flattened by the bombs of the Nazi Luftwaffe during the Blitz 1940-1941. Luckily it survived. (By the way whose idea was it to litter this ancient street with an ugly 20 mph street sign?).

The area is well known for it's association with the notorious serial murderer 'Jack the Ripper', who was said to have frequented 'The Ten Bells' pub, located on the nearby street corner. 

You may be asking, What's all this got to do with magic?

To be honest,  not much.  But I'm just a little fascinated with the area.

Anyway,  here is the magic.

I was photographing one of the 18th century buildings, pictured above. The converging walls means it's not a great photo. Because of the narrow street it was not possible to step back further to avoid this. Also I needed show more pavement and maybe a little bit of road. Fortunately, I took a few photos of the bottom of the building as well also above.

If you don't know how to merge photos and fix the converging walls, but here's a quick guide to how I did it:

Using Photoshop,  I merged two photos together via file / automate / photomerge and using the auto setting. (If it doesn't work try one of the other options in the menu).

To straighten the walls:

'Select all' the resulting image. Click 'copy'. Click 'File' / 'new'. Click ;create'. A new layer will appear in the layer window. Select the layer. Click 'Convert to a smart object'. Go to 'Edit' then 'Free transform'. Then 'Transform'. Here you have some options to play with. I chose 'Skew' to fix the convergence . Click the 'move tool' to reveal the handles. Once you're happy merge the layers and crop to your liking.

Result below (Without the street sign).

Fournier Street, London

Here's another below, which is probably my favourite. I could have done a little more work with the liquify filter to fix the angles on the chimney pots and removed the tv aerial but this is a work in progress for another time. I cloned stamped a couple of burglar alarm boxes and the yellow parking line. Fake news?! you ask. Yes but the changes are just for me, and if I were to sell the photo,  I would obviously disclose the changes...unless the customer particularly wanted a picture which could have been taken in the 18th century.

Fournier Street, London
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