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High quality prom photography.

We capture the magic of your prom night with stunning professional photography you can be proud of and treasure for years to come. We believe having great photography of your prom makes your school stand out. All aspects of your event are pictured throughout the evening including the arrivals, red carpet and studio portraits. Our photographers are smartly dressed for the occasion and are always ready with a smile.

Stunning high quality Prom photography - Surrey Photo Portraits


When the pupils arrive in their various forms of transportation, our photographers are ready to take pictures alongside the vehicle. 

Red Carpet

If your event has a red carpet, we can also take photos of couples and groups entering the venue.

Group Photos

We can also take a large group photo of everyone attending to give a great overview photo of the event. This is great for leavers’ to remember their year group once they have left school or college.

Studio Photography

Using our portable studio, we can also capture portraits at the event throughout the night. Guests can jump in front of the camera at any time to have a professional photoshoot individually, with their prom date or in a group of friends.

How it Works:

We attend your event and take high quality, professional photos throughout the evening.

The pictures are then edited and quickly uploaded to a gallery on our website.

Students, family and friends can then view the photos in the gallery at their leisure and purchase prints and/or downloads online.

Please contact us for available plans.

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